A Classical Catholic School


St. Theresa’s Catholic School’s (STCS) mission is to furnish students with an outstanding Classical education informed by the wisdom of the Catholic intellectual and spiritual tradition. We provide a rigorous Liberal Arts curriculum that gives our students a firm foundation in faith and morals. By these means, we strive to form students who have a genuine love of God and the Church and who are prudent, compassionate, kind, courageous, and generous in their service of one another and to others.

Unlike public schools, STCS is not funded by the state. Parents, grandparents, friends and others generously contribute to our students’ education through tuition payments, fundraisers and donations. We are very grateful for this generosity and strive to be good stewards.

Daily Instruction in Religion

Committed Catholic Faculty

Weekly Mass

Instruction in Sacred Scripture & Moral Reasoning

Service Learning in the Spiritual & Corporal Works of Mercy

Member School of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

Daily Instruction in Latin (1st-8th grades)

Intensive Instruction in Music & Choir

Public Speaking & Rhetoric Classes

Engaging Instruction in Art & Art History

School Sports (K-8th grades)

Advanced Achievement Singapore Math Program

After School Programs for Piano, Chess, Violin, Spanish, et alia

Creative Block Elective Classes

House System in Middle School