A Classical Catholic School

Mission & Philosophy


To furnish students with an outstanding Classical education informed by the wisdom of the Catholic intellectual and spiritual tradition. We provide a rigorous Liberal Arts curriculum that gives our students a firm foundation in faith and morals. By these means, we strive to form students who have a genuine love of God and the Church and who are prudent, compassionate, kind, courageous, and generous in their service of one another and to others.


Fides et Ratio

Meaning “Faith and Reason,” our motto extols the integration of these two human faculties to form the completeness of knowledge that man needs in order to know both himself and his maker. Our motto is taken from Pope Saint John Paul II’s 1998 Encyclical of the same title. While Pope Saint John Paul II brought new awareness to the idea that human beings need both faith and reason to understand the cosmos and their place in it, this is an ancient theological concept. It is expressed, with different emphases, by such towering figures of Church History as St. Augustine of Hippo (354 A.D. to 430 A.D.), who declared credo ut intelligam — “I believe in order that I may understand,” and St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033 A.D. to 1107 A.D.), who described the Christian life as a state of fides quaerens intellectum — “faith seeking understanding.”


St. Theresa’s Catholic School is a Catholic school committed to Classical education.

As a Catholic school, STCS strives:

  • to impart a robust knowledge of the Catholic Faith through the study of Sacred Scripture Liturgy, Theology, and moral reasoning
  • to cultivate a deep love for God and His Church
  • to introduce students to the practice of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy

As a Classical school, STCS promotes:

  • Liberal Arts education
  • a literary approach to learning marked by the Great Books tradition
  • extensive Music education
  • a Latin-centered curriculum
  • an engaging Art instruction program for all grades
  • Physical Education and sports as vital to the goal of educating mind, heart, and body