A Classical Catholic School

Lunch Schedule

  • PK-2nd: 11:30-Noon
  • 3rd-5th: Noon-12:30
  • 6th-8th: 12:30-1:00

When ordering online, please use the school code “1157”.

The Healthy Lunch Box is pleased to provide information about our lunch service for St. Theresa Catholic School during the 2016-17 school year.

The Healthy Lunch Box has been in business serving schools since 1996, and we currently provide about 6,000 to 7,000 meals per day during the school year. We are excited to announce enhancements for the 2016-17 school year including:

  • Lunch prices are $4.50 per meal for PK-1st grade, $5.50 per meal for 2nd-5th grade. One beverage (selection to be determined by the school) is included with the meal.
  • The Healthy Lunch Box is owned by caring moms who understand the importance of balancing nutrition with a child’s way of eating. At The Healthy Lunch Box, your child’s food is handmade daily from scratch and with love!
  • A hot entrée, Turkey Hoagie meal and Alternate meal are available to be ordered and delivered to your school on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Food is prepared in our large commercial kitchen. Hot/Cold food are separately packaged so food is served at just the right temperature. We package food carefully to eliminate “mush”.
  • The Healthy Lunch Box menu is generally nut free, and if you have specific questions please call and speak with Linda Wiers, Nutrition Director.
  • Fresh/Frozen vegetables are offered (NO canned vegetables or fruits!). All fresh vegetables are hand washed & cut – no bagged salads.
  • Meat/poultry/seafood are also hand-cut – no pre-formed nuggets or strips.
  • Hot dogs, when offered, will be all beef with no filler. Pasta/Breads/Rice are generally 50% wheat (unless wheat product is out of stock or unavailable).
  • Menus are passed out to students 2 weeks prior to each calendar month. Parents should place their orders and pay online (school code is “1157”).
  • We have a very secure website. However, if parents are uncomfortable placing an order online you can call us and we will process your order for the month over the telephone at no extra charge.
  • There is a convenience fee of 30 cents per total order added to any order totaling less than $30.00 – other than that there is no extra charge for ordering from us on-line!
  • Once an order is placed, parents are able to go in and easily make changes to menu selections including cancelling lunches up until midnight the evening before at no extra charge.

Any meal not preordered by midnight the night before costs $1 extra as it requires special handling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • To Cancel a Lunch: To receive a credit toward future meal, you must cancel your meal online by midnight the preceding night. Same-day credits are not allowed as meal is already in production.
  • Credits: You may cancel a future order online and save the credit to use on future purchases.
  • Emergency Lunch: If your child forgot their lunch, please call us at 281-444-8444, ext. 2 and place an emergency lunch order over the telephone (note: there is a $1 charge for any orders received after midnight the night before). If you have an account with The Healthy Lunch Box, we will place this charge on your order to be paid with your next order. If you do not have an account, we will send you an emergency meal invoice. If a child has 2 unpaid emergency meal invoices, no more emergency meals will be allowed until payment is received.
  • No Credit Card: If you prefer to pay by check/money order, you can mail in an order and menu selections to us at The Healthy Lunch Box, 614 W. Greens Road, Houston, TX 77067. It is imperative to include your school name, student name/grade and your contact phone on the check.
  • Emergency School Closing: If your school notifies The Healthy Lunch Box of an emergency closing before the school day begins, we will automatically credit your account.
  • Contact Us: If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may reach us at 281-444-8444 or by email at info@thehealthylunchbox.com.
  • If you are having troubles beyond what the above contact can provide, please contact Tobie Briner, Operations Manager at 281-444-8444, ext 3. or send an email addressed to Tobie at info@thehealthylunchbox.com.

Thank you for your interest and your trust!  We are very excited to be a part of your child’s daily routine!!