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Creative Block Classes

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Dear Parents,

This semester, STCS will be offering a new suite of creative block classes. While some of the old courses will continue to be offered, several new classes are being held to keep things fresh. We also are offering two new categories of classes: skill building and P.S.I.A Preparation.

Two different sections of skill building are being offered. The first will focus on English Language Arts topics such as reading comprehension, grammar, and spelling. The second class will focus on improving proficiency in mathematics.

Registration for Creative Block will start on Monday the 23rd and close Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.   Any student who fails to register for a creative block class will have one assigned to them.


The form is hosted on the parish website. Students will need to provide their @stcsstudents.org email addresses, along with a parent’s address, in order to complete the registration form.

*If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Adam Capitano at acapitano@sttheresacatholicschool.org.  

Below is a description of course offering. Each student in grades 4-8 is required to register for a class.

Personal Enrichment Classes:

Italian: (Dr. Cassella and Mr. Turrentine) This is an elective for students grades 6-8 who are interested in learning this beautiful language. Class will be held during the Friday Creative Block and Tuesdays from 4-4:50pm. We will learn to speak, write, and read conversational Italian, the modern-day language of Italy (host of our 8th-grade Rome program) and a close cousin of Spanish. Italian is one of the world’s most beautiful languages, the successor of Latin, and the everyday working language of the Pope and the Vatican.

Calligraphy II: (Mr. George) The subject will be the education in and practice of Western-style calligraphy, particularly blackletter and perhaps some italic styles, depending on the students’ progress. PRE-REQUISITE: A sheet of paper demonstrating some acquaintance with Calligraphy from the first class or personal practice.

P.S.I.A. Preparation: 

One of the new exciting developments of the school year is that STCS will be taking part in more academic competitions. Our students work very hard, and we would like to give them opportunities to showcase their hard won talents. Therefore, we will be attending to the Private School Interscholastic Association competition later this spring. So far, over 1/4th of our student body has registered to attend.

Art History: (Mr. McCaffrey) Students in Art History will study a series of forty paintings starting in the Renaissance going to the twentieth century. Each piece currently resides in a museum either in Texas or in Washington, D.C. The aim of the class is to recognize the art and the artists. Aspects of painting the students will study include subject groups, light, color, texture, lines, rhythm, contrast, temperature, and style. They will read about each of these art elements and apply them to all of the paintings in our series.

The main study materials for this class are pulled from the current Art Smart bulletin. There will be a PSIA contest at the end of the year dealing with art memory that takes its content from the same material. Not every student in the class will be able to compete at the local level, but the highest performing students will be eligible to participate and represent St. Theresa in this category.

Maps, Graphs, and Charts: (Mr. Flaherty) This class will serve as preparation for the PSIA Maps, Graphs and Charts event, which includes general geographical knowledge and extensive practice in using an atlas. Students will travel together around the world to discover unique aspects of different geographical regions and will learn to quickly find information using various types of reference material. Students will receive more geographical training for IOWA testing and Geography Bees, and will extensively work on reading graphs and charts so as to quickly and accurately glean important information from them.

Word Wizards (Dr. Bilow) This class will serve as preparation for the PSIA Spelling, Vocabulary, and Dictionary Skills events. Students will receive coaching in these individual events and also learn about the origins and meanings of a wide variety of words.

Math Team: (Mrs. Speed, Mr. Liu) Students in 3rd Quarter Math Team will prepare for the PSIA Mathematics and Number Sense contests. Coaching will be offered via our Monday afterschool Math Team practices, as well, but students may wish to take advantage of both opportunities to practice.

Skill Building (3-Week Mini-Sessions):

These courses are designed to help students who are either struggling with academics or simply want some extra practice with their core subjects. In these classes, STCS faculty will provide small group tutoring experience. This format will allow a more personal approach than a typical classroom as well as allow instruction to be more focused on the specific needs of the child.

We will be offering two separate sections, one in mathematics and the other in English language Arts. To meet the flexible needs of a given student, they will be enrolled in this course for 3 week periods. Enrollment can occur either from parental or a teacher request. At the end of the 3 week period, a reevaluation can occur. If more assistance is needed, then they child may continue. Otherwise, they may join a new creative block class.

ELA Skills Building: (Mr. Turner): Students will work on language, reading, and grammar skills. A combination of student generated questions, teacher identified areas of emphasis, and educational activities will be used to improve participant understanding. This class will remedially assist students in marking up and diagramming each word in a sentence and identify its purpose in the sentence.

Mathematics Skill Building: (Dr. Capitano) In this class, students will receive a combination of computer assisted, individual, and small group instruction to improve mathematical proficiency. Emphasis will be placed on providing help with homework and classically difficult areas such as multiplication tables, fractions, and bar models.