ouse of More

At St. Theresa Catholic School

From the head of House of More

Martin T. Flaherty was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, until the age of eleven, until he moved to Cape Coral, Florida with his family. Educated within the Catholic school system all of his life, he grew to strongly identify himself with the Irish Catholic and Italian Catholic cultures in which he was raised. Two weeks after graduating from Bishop Verot College-Preparatory Catholic High School, Mr. Flaherty enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. He served for a time in Public Affairs as a Combat Correspondent before transferring to work as an Amphibious Assault Vehicle Crewman with the hopes of assisting in the war effort in Iraq or Afghanistan. Quickly working his way up the ranks, he earned the rank of Sergeant, and spent  much of his time training foreign military units in counter-terrorism tactics and skills, such as urban raiding, close quarters combat and unknown-distance marksmanship.

After earning an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, Mr. Flaherty studied at Ave Maria University and earned his B.A. in Theology with a minor in Philosophy. He took special interest in Logic, Salvation History, Ascetical and Mystical Spirituality, and Sacramental Theology and he wrote his thesis on proper participation in the Roman Liturgy. He planned to take his love of teaching, which he received from his experience training service members while in the Marines, with him into the classroom of Catholic schools in order to use it to help children to know, love, and serve God. Mr. Flaherty served as the Head Dorm Dean, in charge of six fellow Dorm Deans, and as the Freshman Theology teacher at Subiaco Academy , the all-boys Benedictine boarding school in Subiaco, Arkansas. Responsible for the education, health, and well-being of about two-hundred seventh-grade through twelfth-grade boarding students throughout the entire school year, Mr. Flaherty lived and worked with the boys in a wing of the Subiaco Monastery while working part-time at one of the nation’s premier survival schools, teaching wilderness survival skills and primitive self-sufficiency in the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains.

Mr. Flaherty had planned to pursue teaching at a classical school, after his introduction to the pedagogical methods known as the Trivium and the Quadrivium, while substituting at a classical high school during his senior year of university. Believing that a classical education is far superior than other forms of education popular today in the American school system, he was delighted to join such at esteemed and pious faculty at St. Theresa’s in 2013 for his first year working in elementary education at a classical school. Mr. Flaherty is thankful for such a welcoming and lively parish and school community, and he prides himself for being a part of the House that currently hold the Griffin Cup, The House of St. Thomas More. Along with each member of the House of More, Mr. Flaherty uses the model of St. Thomas More, the House patron, to inspire him in his pursuit of educational and vocational excellence. By sharing the knowledge and skills that he has acquired from his work experience, Mr. Flaherty offers the House of More a unique edge in their striving to retain the Griffin Cup for another school year. With the help of the bright and talented House Members, supported by the selfless dedication of their devoted parents, Mr. Flaherty looks forward to working to guarantee that the House More flag flies high above the school grounds for years to come, not out of selfish vainglory, but in order to continue in upholding the model provided by our patron, who is God’s Servant First.