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Double the Donation

Double the Donation provides tools and resources to help nonprofit organizations and schools increase fundraising from corporate employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs. Their mission is to help organizations generate the funding that’s necessary to focus on their core missions.

To find out if your employer has a matching gift program, visit our Matching Gift page.

About Double the Donation:

Double the Donation was founded when Adam, Double the Donation’s President, was working at a major bank and made donations to his university, the local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, and LLS. By the time he realized his company had a matching gift program it was too late to get many of those donations matched. Discussions with multiple nonprofits revealed they all viewed matching gifts as bonus money. Double the Donation was started to help organizations proactively grow their matching gift revenue. At Double the Donation we believe we can affect the impact thousands of organizations can have on their communities. Through providing tools and resources to help nonprofits grow their revenue we can indirectly provide support to individuals in need, encourage strong educational achievements, play a role in bringing arts and cultural events to communities, save the environment, and support countless other initiatives.