A Classical Catholic School


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Is Saint Theresa Catholic School accredited?
How much is tuition?
Is there tuition assistance at Saint Theresa Catholic School?
How does one pay tuition at Saint Theresa Catholic School?
What is FACTS?
When is my first tuition payment due?
How much is the application fee?
Where can I find application materials?
What are the age requirements for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten?
What are the criteria by which an applicant is granted admission into STCS?
What is the application process?
Can Grandparents who are registered in the parish count for a student’s parish residence?
Where do graduating students attend high school?
What is Classical Catholic Education?
Is Classical Catholic Education geared only for certain types of students?
Why do we teach Latin?
What about learning disabilities?
What is the Ward Method?
What are your class sizes?
Do you have technology in the classroom?
What Math Textbooks do you use?
What is the schedule for Pre-K4?
Do you have testing for admissions?
Does St. Theresa Catholic School offer sports?
Is there a parent organization at St. Theresa Catholic School?