A Classical Catholic School


The STCS choir program has quickly established itself as one of the best children’s choir programs in the region. Participation in choir is not only fun, choristers do better in school, are more socially adjusted, have a greater appreciation for the arts, and get many traveling opportunities! Choir is the culmination of the entire academic curriculum: choir is math, choir is poetry, choir is Latin, and choir is Language Arts. We want to form our student body with aesthetic sensibilities, tenacity, and standards of excellence which are rooted in the traditions of the Catholic Faith. We believe that the study of music leads to a deeper understanding of the mysteries of our faith, all the while developing critical values such as discipline, determination, self-confidence, courage, and creativity. The pride and devotion that our children have for their choir and school is truly breathtaking.

Choristers also lead the music of worship weekly at the school Mass and at regular Sunday Masses. This instills in the children a sense of duty and responsibility to one’s Parish and the children love it! In addition to Masses, the flagship choir, Flos Cantuum, sings various major Liturgies around the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and also performs with a full adult chorus and orchestra every year. Children rarely get the opportunity to do “grown up” things and when they get to dress up in fancy vestments and take on serious Liturgical responsibilities it has an amazing effect on them.