A Classical Catholic School

Centers of Excellence

The leadership of St. Theresa Catholic School takes great pride in the overall rigor and well-roundness of our educational program. In the short life of our young school we have identified certain Areas of Excellence which have emerged as significant strengths within our institution. We have identified two Areas of Excellence:  Music and Latin. As these Areas of Excellence are core to our Catholic mission, we feel a responsibility to share our successes with others who share a similar religious mission and are passionate about these vital academic areas.

Each Center of Excellence represents a very high level of student achievement, and is directed by experts in their respective fields.  Through the STCS Centers of Excellence, we hope to provide leadership to educators in the Houston area and to those, across the country, who work in these academic fields.  It is our hope that through our collegial efforts we might see something of a revival of these subjects in Catholic Schools across the country.

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