A Classical Catholic School


At STCS we believe that a vibrant sports program is essential to the type of education we intend to offer all of our students.  We think that sports are for everyone and we encourage participation in school sports at an early age.

Sports—above any other experience that students will experience in a school setting—foster a competitiveness that is essential to success in the outside world.   A good education insists that students must learn to acquire a drive to press on, to struggle past adversity and discouragement, to cherish victories graciously, and to suffer defeats honorably.

Our coaches look to develop these moral characteristics at every practice and through the conflicts of court and field.  These coaches are themselves athletes who participated in sports at the collegiate/professional level and are eager to pass on the lessons of a lifetime of competition.

St. Theresa has boys’ and girls’ sport teams from 1st through 8th grades.  The following programs are offered:

Soccer ( 1st thru 8th grade)

Basketball (2nd thru 8th grade)

Track (5th thru 8th grade)

Baseball (2nd thru 8th grade)