A Classical Catholic School


Ms. Rysz

ryszI am Jennifer Rysz, the Pre-K teacher at St. Theresa. I am originally from the island of Puerto Rico, and Spanish is my native language but I also studied French and Italian. I have lived in Boston, the Netherlands, and Iowa, but after 10 years in Texas, I am happy to call this state my home. I am a graduate of the University of Iowa with a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood education. I taught third grade and Kindergarten for several years in the only Dual-Language school in the state of Iowa. After that, I moved to Texas and had three sons and decided to take some time to be with my family. Having volunteered at my sons’ schools and being part of their education made me miss teaching! So, I am pleased to have the opportunity to be back in the classroom and teach the youngest kids in this unique and beautiful school.

In Pre-K we work on letters, writing and tracing letters, and the basics of reading and phonics. The kids will work on number recognition, graphing, sorting, and patterns in math. Our science program will teach about plants, pets, hygiene, weather, and magnets. The students will work on learning the 50 states, Texas facts, community helpers, and presidents. They will grow spiritually by learning the basic prayers, how to behave in mass, about the sacred vessels, and learn about the saints. We will use puppets to learn stories and fables by Aesop and other classic children’s authors. The children will gain confidence in public speaking by learning to recite various poems.

I work hard at making sure that every child in my classroom gains a memorable and meaningful learning experience and is loved and nurtured individually. I know the expectations are high but I believe that each child can grow socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Pre-K is the beginning of a long road of schooling and every success should be celebrated, no matter how small. The kids are growing and learning in almost everything they do and I feel blessed to be a part of their lives.

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