A Classical Catholic School

5th Grade

Mrs. Dorian Speed

Dorian Speed photoWelcome to fifth grade! I am honored to be joining the faculty at St. Theresa’s.

This year we shall embark upon a journey through the Middle Ages, beginning with the end of the Roman empire and culminating with the roots of the Renaissance. Our travels will include literature, art, and music from these time periods, building upon the strong foundation of grammar and writing that students received in fourth grade. Theology will involve the deep study of Exodus and the Acts of the Apostles, along with other Biblical readings, apologetics, and prayer. In mathematics, students will delve more thoroughly into topics introduced in fourth grade, while Science (taught in conjunction with Dr. Capitano) will include a survey of various topics.


I came from Georgia to Texas to attend Trinity University in San Antonio, where I earned degrees in history and economics, followed by a Master of Arts in Teaching. I have taught in a wide variety of settings, from middle school to high school, and am returning to the classroom after spending several years at home with my children. I strongly believe that parents are the primary educators of their children, and that our mission here as St. Theresa’s is the formation of Christian disciples through the pursuit of virtue.

Our academic standards and aspirations for fifth grade are high, but it is the joy of learning that should bring us together and animate our classroom studies.

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