A Classical Catholic School

1st Grade

Mr. Boyle

Boyle Glad to meet you, I’m Kevin Boyle.  I have taught for over 15 years, almost all in 1st grade and I enjoy seeing students learn to become independent, a process through which they gain confidence and self-esteem.  Children in first grade are very eager to get involved in new tasks and they engage in learning new skills without hesitation if the classroom environment is comfortable and supportive.  I have spent most of my career teaching in public districts but I am grateful to be in a Catholic school since I can nurture the faith in our youth in practical daily examples that help to continue the heritage of our Church.  Examples of the Church’s teachings are exemplified in the classic literature we read and the virtues we endorse.  We try to help each other lead lives that exemplify our faith.

Reading, writing and mathematics are of great importance to us and we stress other skills and talents that accompany these.  Students are very impressively able to recite poetry which emphasize rhetorical and presentation skills.  Students use what they learn in Latin class to examine roots, prefixes and suffixes of vocabulary words they encounter.  The students are also able to identify countries and states on a map with remarkable accuracy.  Science instruction includes knowing of the our Solar System, the constellations,  physical science, experimentation, and natural science.  We view strategies learned in the game of checkers as a precursor to careful planning and thinking when playing chess in our school in the years to come.  At this early time in their development we teach them to always apply strategies when pursuing any endeavor presented to them in order to be voracious readers, writers, thinkers and learners in future years.

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