A Classical Catholic School


St. Theresa Catholic School takes its mission statement quite seriously.

St. Theresa Catholic School exists to give glory to God and to lead its students and faculty to Heaven by the contemplation of eternal truth through a harmonious expression of faith and reason.

Therefore, it is somewhat misleading to think of Religion as one subject among many. Religion pervades all that we are and everything that we hope to do. Students attend weekly mass and frequently visit our Lord in the Emmaus Chapel.

Through his Eucharistic Body, our Lord is constantly calling our students to the deeper life. At St. Theresa Catholic School, teachers feel a calling to cooperate with our Lord in cultivating a religion of the heart. But as an academic institution, STCS insists that religion is also a matter of the intellect. We have, therefore, Religion classes daily. Students are catechized to know the Mass, their prayers, Holy Scripture, moral theology, church history—in short, the Holy Catholic Faith.