A Classical Catholic School


The study of Latin in Primary School is a time-honored tradition with a long track record of success.  At STCS, Latin is taught  as a living language in 2nd through 8th grade. We want our students to feel comfortable with Latin, believing that the best way to develop Latin readers is to develop their conversational skills. Our focus in studying Latin is primarily cultural.  Through years of consistent Latin training, our children are being oriented in a powerful way to the classics of Western literature.

We do, however, like to point out the secondary and tertiary benefits of a solid Latin education.  It is well documented that  Latin students are better able to understand the English language because they have learned that language  in a Latin curriculum which contextualizes the English vocabulary and grammar that students are learning in Primary School.  Also, as the mother tongue of so many of European languages, Latin is a great introduction to all the Romance languages. If one has had a rigorous Latin education, one already knows around 80% of each of the romance languages. At STCS, we begin a very intense Spanish program that builds on what has already been acquired through a student’s Latin studies.