A Classical Catholic School

Language Arts

Our Language Arts curriculum intends to engender a love for beautiful expression, whether written or spoken, and a love for the beauty of that thing which is beautifully expressed. That love affair is ignited, in primary and middle school, when teachers model the structure and elegance of the English language. We “model” such expression in a number of ways:

  • The Telling and Retelling of Fables and Fairy Tales
  • Phonics
  • Poetry Memorization and Recitation
  • Dictation and Copying
  • Rigorous Grammar Curriculum

St. Theresa Catholic School self-consciously guides students along the three-fold path of the Medieval curriculum of education called the Trivium. The Trivium consists of the three Liberal Arts (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric) that are the focal points of education for children during the Primary, Middle School, and High School years.

Our Primary School education is designed to move students into our Middle School Language Arts program which focuses heavily on writing, analysis, and logical expression.