A Classical Catholic School


History is not a mere curious interest in the past; history instantiates models both noble and ignoble. We study history because we believe there are important lessons to learn from the past. The students of St. Theresa Catholic School will be well equipped to think through the challenges of the present precisely because they will have received an education which is so insistent on the importance of the past. At St. Theresa Catholic School, significant time, then, is devoted to Greek, Roman and Medieval history.

The Greek and Roman sequence of history at St Theresa Catholic School is one that spirals every year covering old and new material with ever increasing complexity.

  • 2nd Grade Greek History
  • 3rd Grade Roman History
  • 4th Grade Greek History
  • 5th Grade Roman History

While much time is given to learning the facts of history and discussing, in Socratic Seminars, their larger existential significance, the focus of our pedagogy is directed heavily towards developing close reading and writing skills.  We often engage students in learning modules which carefully analyze the logical flow and rhetorical form of well-chosen texts which serve as writing models for students in our History class we teach writing by directing students to emulate good writers.