A Classical Catholic School


So many young people have little meaningful instruction in art; few experience that God like satisfaction of making something with one’s own hands. At St. Theresa we are committed to the idea that everyone should be an artist—we have Art in every grade, Pre K thru 8th grade. When our students are older, when they are 40 or 50, we want them to feel invigorated by their ability to paint, draw, or sculpt what a life time experience has enabled them to see and feel.

Our ART program focuses heavily on drawing painting and sculpting. Historically, and developmentally, these disciplines are foundational to so many other forms of artistic expression. Through these mediums we give our students, “eyes to see” to see the multivalence of the world, to see deeply within themselves and within human experience, to see and mimic the artistry of God.

We think of Art as a mixture of work and play. Our classes dynamically move from collaborative to individual projects all under the gentle guidance of a mature and accomplished artist. We work hard to bring out the best in each student and every student showcases their best work in the two art exhibitions we put on every year.

At St. Theresa students develop a taste for the finer things; they can appreciate excellence when they see it, and they truly find joy and satisfaction in creating a portfolio of meaningful work.