A Classical Catholic School


Mrs. Sosa feels so blessed to be part of Saint Theresa Catholic School and teaching Spanish to our students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Mrs. Sosa’s experience and enthusiasm help to ensure that our students will learn Spanish well. Mrs. Sosa combines a number of different teaching methodologies in her instruction, including activities like games, songs, and active oral practice. For the past decade, Mrs. Sosa worked at Saint Augustine Catholic school, teaching Spanish for students Pre-K through 8th Grade for nine of those years. She says that it is a true pleasure for her to be a part of the STCS team and to teach our children in a comforting and positive environment.

St. Theresa Catholic School offers a very unique Spanish curriculum based on interactive learning. Students learn Spanish quickly by practicing trusted techniques that encourage collaboration and improve language retention. For example, these techniques include games, song and rhyme, class presentations, and practicing conversational Spanish with other students. These exercises make learning Spanish an exciting, active experience.