A Classical Catholic School

Science & Math

Dr. Adam Capitano

Dr. Capitano is very excited to be the middle school math and science teacher at STCS starting this fall. To me, science is a spiritual voyage where we explore and try to understand God’s creation. Dr. Capitano began his journey at the University of Iowa, where he fell in love with chemistry and life in the lab. From there, he continued his education at the University of Michigan and earned a Ph.D. in catalytic surface science in 1999. After graduation, Dr. Capitano was fortunate enough to earn a place in Professor Linda Griffith’s Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2003, he accepted a position as an assistant professor at the University of Houston, department of chemical engineering. There, Dr. Capitano fell in love with teaching. He has also published over 15 scholarly articles on a wide array of topics ranging from mathematical biochemistry to the development of sensor technology. In his classes, Dr. Capitano brings a rich background as a scientist and an educator to STCS. He challenges students to think both analytically and critically in the fledgling STEM Program that he is developing for Saint Theresa Catholic School.

Mr. Luke Liu

SCI+MATH你好!My name is Luke Liu and I am teaching 6-7th grade math and science.  I am Texas Math 7-12 Highly Qualified.  In the spirit of this top-notch school, I will continue to strike a balance between academic rigor and whole-person formation.  My philosophy in teaching the two disciplines is to help students to understand and apply the knowledge and skills, to think critically and globally, and to appreciate the beauty and power of God’s creation.  I believe that the ultimate purpose of any true education (especially Catholic education) should be able to empower an individual to live a happier and fulfilled life, and more importantly, to show “human solidarity” toward those less fortunate.

I feel very proud of my identity as a sixth generation Chinese Catholic, and blessed with a colorful yet unique background.  As an educator, writer, activist, former engineer and a new immigrant, I try to find a meaning through how I make a living — in the fields of high-tech, international education or global affairs.  Regarding my education, I have a MS in Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University (I was enrolled into their top-ranking IT program but I transferred to a new field to pursue more social meaning), a Certificate of Distinction on Democratic Development from Stanford University, as well as a BS in Computer Communication from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Like most high-achieving immigrants who struggle to realize their “American dream”, I hope my great perseverance and diligence are the distinctive virtues to pass on to our children in the everything-taken-for-granted West (well, not everyone).  I cannot wait to use my cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary experience to impact my students and encourage them to make a difference in the lives of others.  I also would like to remind them and myself that while it might be easy for someone to want to change the world, it is definitely hard not to be changed by the world.

I have a dream: sometime in the future, when my students have grown up to become responsible, compassionate and empathetic global citizens, they will tell others that part of it is because of the seeds and inspirations I planted into their hearts.

I can’t achieve this without you.  Welcome to stop by for mutual learning.