A Classical Catholic School

Math & Humanities

Mr. Peter Turrentine

Latin-and-PE-TurrentineHi, my name is Peter Turrentine. I teach history and accelerated math here at St. Theresa Catholic School. I’m a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College, a liberal arts university in my home state of California, and have been working at St. Theresa since 2010. It has been wonderful to teach in such a great school, where the classical elements of the curriculum support both the school’s Catholic identity and its purpose to give students the best education possible.

I bring a lot of energy to teaching math, and have a real passion for the subject. Our accelerated math program puts capable students on the mathematics fast track. The students develop their skills in logical reasoning, visualization, and computation while proceeding along a path that will allow them to begin high school significantly ahead of the curve. We focus first on the fundamental concepts of each area of math and on really developing an understanding of why math works the way it does. From there we tackle challenging concepts and strive to maximize our talents.

In my history class students explore the foundational cultures of Western civilization, learning about their religion, institutions, and famous men and women. We examine them as they grew and developed into empire or flourished into democratic city-states. Their government, philosophy, and morals offer a critical lens through which to look at our own, both in the debt our culture and society owe to their influence and the crucial differences between our world views. My students also find their studies of Greece and Rome very thought-provoking in the contrasts which they give to our own faith and the Church’s teaching, while at the same time giving us examples of virtue and nobility to inspire us.