A Classical Catholic School


Mrs. Carmen Sanchez Romero

RomeroMy name is Carmen Sanchez Romero and I am the Art teacher at Saint Theresa Catholic School. I warmly welcome you to my classroom.

Originally from Spain, I studied fine arts and art history at the University of Murcia for seven years. I am a professional artist and painter based in Houston who works with various mediums, but I specialize in pastels and oils. Aside from gallery presentations, a major highlight of my career came when I was commissioned to paint major pieces of art for the headquarters of the aeronautical company Boeing in Madrid, Spain. I began my teaching career a decade ago by giving classes in crafts and art at Catholic youth clubs and summer camps, and STCS is the perfect place for me to enjoy my two vocations: education and painting.

Our classes at Saint Theresa will be oriented to the contemplation of art and reproduction. I will teach, encourage, and improve your children’s creativity and their ability to perceive art. I would like to convey virtues such as constancy, which is especially required to grow as a Christian and as a good artist. Also, I would like to encourage growing in sensitivity and knowing how to see and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings, capturing the wonder of creation. The Lord uses art to communicate to us, and this is important for young children to understand. I grew up surrounded by children – I am the seventh of eleven children, raised in a family with deep Catholic convictions. Painting is a way that I, myself, came to grow in knowledge of the Lord, and by working with your children I hope to help them grow in their faith, as well.