A Classical Catholic School

8th Grade

Mr. Benjamin George

GeorgeHi, my name is Benjamin George and I am fortunate to be the 8th grade teacher here at St Theresa’s. I grew up in Richmond, Texas, and have been a parishioner here at St Theresa’s my entire life. I studied computer science at the University of Texas but discovered, upon graduation, that programming in “the real world” was not quite as fun as I had expected. What does one do in such a situation? Yes, I moved to China. There I was a teacher of English, and like Jonah in the story, I was brought around to my true calling. Well, I wasn’t swallowed by a whale, but you get the idea. What I mean to say is that I love teaching, God has blessed me with this calling, and if no one were willing to pay me to teach I would do it for free. (Don’t tell my boss that.)

I have wanted to teach at St Theresa’s since it was just the whisper of an angel: A beautiful school, that values beauty, models goodness, and teaches the truth. It seems simple, doesn’t it? But it is rare.

If you’re looking at this page you probably already know what this school is about academically: rigorous instruction on a classical model. A solid foundation for future learning. Intellectual and moral formation that, God willing, will bring out the very best in your child. Teaching a student to lead, to rule—to rule first himself, and then to lead others to the knowledge of Truth.

Eighth grade will be more, and deeper: “Onward and upward!”