A Classical Catholic School

Language Arts

At St. Theresa Catholic School, our students are students of the written and spoken Word.  Much attention is given to a rigorous analysis language.  Grammatical studies at STCS ( 1st thru 7th grade)  are intense and are seen as preparatory to the Logic classes that all of our middle school students take in sixth and seventh grade.  We feel that both Grammar and Logic help develop clear thinkers. Poetry classes also nurture their burgeoning analytics skills as students are asked to master the art of scansion.

In addition to analysis, we are also especially intent to help our students learn how to express themselves elegantly and persuasively. Classes in rhetoric—both written and oral rhetoric—help students find their own forms self-expression, appropriate to their own intentions and the audience they find themselves addressing.

At STCS we tend to avoid a “report” oriented language arts curriculum—so pervasive in American education— which asks students to “cut and paste” from “informational texts.”  We offer to our younger scholars, instead, the blank page, the unoccupied podium, and we ask each and every one to produce something original.  We ask our middle school students to write, to speak, and to defend themselves within the community of intellectuals that is our student body.