A Classical Catholic School

History & Geography

History in middle school is a three year course of study in American history and contemporary global events.

History lessons are taught through the reading of primary texts and historical fiction discussed in Socratic seminars.  Close reading, notetaking from lectures and readings are also emphasized, as we intend to develop fundamental academic skills.   Students are asked to write a significant number of literature based papers  and research papers to solidify the learning process.

The History sequence is:

  • 6th Grade Discovery and Colonialization of North America
  • 7th Grade Texas History
  • 8th Grade History: American Revolution to Reconstruction

Geography classes (7th and 8th grade) are focused on contemporary global points of debate.  Students are asked to research competing viewpoints surrounding a particular issue, to take a side, and defend that position in a debate style format.

The goal of our middle school curriculum is to develop well-formed American citizens infused with a healthy sense of global responsibility.