A Classical Catholic School

House System

The House System is the highlight of the STCS Middle School experience. We have three houses: Boethius, More, and Hildegaard.

All middle school students are placed in one of the three Houses and remain within that House through their Middle School years. Siblings and relatives are enrolled in the same house throughout the years as families—not simply a student belonging to a particular House. Each House has its own uniform, crest, songs, and traditions. Throughout the year, the three houses compete for the coveted Griffin Cup.

At STCS, we think of the House system as offering a para-curriculum that, by supplementing the academic focus of the school, rounds out a student’s overall learning experience. Through various well designed events, students develop executive-managerial skills, sensitivity to social justice, and a healthy love of competition.

Given the smaller setting of the House system, the Heads and Fellows of each House take on a more intimate roll in mentoring our students. Special care is given to instilling in every young person a sense of personal responsibility, not only for who they are now becoming, but also for the future High School students that they shall soon become. We want our students to approach High School wisely, with good habits and a fixed determination. We facilitate this through numerous school visits and parent/student nights that showcase various High School programs in the surrounding Houston area.